Monday, March 12, 2012

Kailyn's Minnie Mouse Tea Party

We had an all girl party the Friday before Kailyn's actual birthday.
And she randomly asked for a Minnie Mouse tea party.
So she got one.
We started off party day with some Minnie mouse pancakes.
We had little stations.
This was Minnie's beauty shop. It's where the girls accessorized (necklaces, rings and bracelets) and I drew on minnie noses and put on their red lipstick.
Minnie's Bow-tique
Where they could pick out their color of bow for their minnie ears.
Pin the bow on Minnie, self explanatory.
Bar with party favors.
Drawing station
And we just had the tea party on the ground since I didn't have enough little kid chairs for the kid table.
My mom has been in town and has been a huge help with everything and Kailyn was so excited that she was here for her birthday celebrations!
Getting Minnified!

She was so HAPPY!

Minnie mouse tea party!
Play time!
I didn't make a cake, since I was going to be making one for her birthday so I had her just blow out four candles.
Lame I know.

Giving thank you hugs after presents!

Party favors.
I made the minnie mouse candy apples from here. And the minnie mouse ears from here. Each girl got their own liner and lipstick to dress up at home. The disney store had a good sale so I got the minnie plush and a minnie tea cup all on sale!!

Thank you so much Paige, Minnie and Lina for coming!

And to their moms (and mine) for all their help!

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