Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Second day of school

So this needed its own post because I didn't want to take away from Henry's birthday.
Second day of school the send off was TERRIBLE. It started with Gus not wanting to go and dragging his feet while getting ready. Then putting on his bike helmet and I accidentally pinched him. Which sent him in a fit running back into the house and locking us out. I found the hide a key and got him out of the house kicking screaming and crying. Finally calmed down to ride his bike but informed me he wasn't going to school and that he hates school and "has nufing to do with my helmet i already forgived you i just hate school and am not going".  Once we got to school he wouldn't go inside. I had to lovingly drag him to class, he wiped his tears as we got closer to his classroom. He sat down silently and looked at my like I was a traitor and just took him to the lions den. I hugged him and kissed him and told him I loved him. And cried on the way home. And got home and was severely down. (Poor Henry too because it was his birthday) I got out of my funk and focused on Henry but was just so worried all day that he was crying or that he'd take it out on his teacher. He had gotten reprimanded the day before for getting out of his seat. When I asked him why he kept getting out he said nonchalantly "to talk to the other kids." Haha oh Gus. 
I was so relieved when I picked him up and he was HAPPY. It was better than the first day. He got in trouble for talking and folding his paper? But it was a better day! And hoping and praying today is a better one too!

2 on Tuesday

I love Henry.
He turned two today. 
Which was really hard.
But we had a fun day playing all the toys in the house and watching a whole 5 minutes of Elmo in Grouchland. He loves Elmo. 
After we played for three hours straight, we went to lunch with a family friend and then picked out some balloons!
Went home for a little nap and then started picking up siblings from school so they could dote on him.

My sister stopped by to wish him a happy birthday and visit about new kids in school woes. Love you tosh!
 My dad dropped by and brought him a present too. 
Henry was feeling very special with all these people showing up and handing him new toys throughout the day !
 Our good friends stopped by and 
 he would run over and show him his new toys. 

 Loved his present and ran around hugging everyone! 

 Made home made pizza for dinner and he enjoyed his Elmo cupcakes!

 Then we played hide and seek with his presents.
Cutest thing ever.
 He thought since the kids hid them they were theirs and would give them back to them.
He got a new choo-choo, toothpaste (he loves toothpaste, and this kind had Thomas the train on it so double win) a new hot wheels car and a small Elmo.
Once he saw the Elmo he did a happy dance. It was so cute. 
Thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to make his special.

I love you so much and am so happy we have the next three years together before you leave me to go to school. You know and understand so much!! And are such a talker I love it. You love cars and trains and jumping on the trampoline. You love playing with water...especially in the sinks. You've got a temper and remind us a LOT of Gus. you LOVE books. We sit and read for hours and it makes me so happy. You love goldfish...too much like I'm trying to wean you off of it. You love your siblings and love being with them. You are a great helper and love going places! 
Henry thank you for all your hugs and kisses and "MOM"'s. I'm so happy to be your mom
 Happy Birthday Henry Snugglemonster!

Monday, August 24, 2015

1st Day of School.

It happened. They left me. 
4th, 2nd and Kindergarten.
When Henry saw Gus getting ready for school he said
"Bacpaa? DUS????!! NOOOOOO!!!"
He was pretty sad. 
Until he got home and got to jump on the trampoline without anyone making him fall!
Pretty happy camper now.
The walk to school and dropping off my first timer. 

 Gus got the same teacher Wyatt and Kailyn had in Kindergarten.
I was worried about it because we love her and she's great but Gus is very different then my older two and was nervous about it and voiced this to her before the end of the school last year. She hand picked him for her class. She's so sweet.
Gus though informed that "I'm a little bit scared of my teacher because she smiles all the time......and its a big smile....and I'm afraid she might.....eat me."
For those worried... she didn't. 

So after I cried and took Henry to the park to eat his breakfast I had packed. We were playing on the playground and Henry went down one slide and wanted me to go down the other. When I got down to the bottom of my slide there was a hornet. So I stomped it....and then 15 or so swarmed me!!! I got stung only 5 times but was soooo soo thankful HENRY didn't go down that slide!! It would have been the worst! So there was a huge hornets nest inside the slide and they were coming out of the crack. So I grabbed henry strapped him in the stroller an we ran home grabbed my purse ran to the local Ace bought a bunch of spray and ran back (got my run in for the day). Sprayed the crap out of the slide as they all came falling out I squished them. 20! 20 Hornets!! So thankful it wasn't a child that got stung! So then I read that its all poisonous to people and pets so had to run home again and grab gallon of water and some clorox to disinfect. Such a good distraction from missing my kids and worrying about their day at school. Sadly though after that I went back to worrying. Luckily I have Henry! We played for a couple hours then he took a long nap...too long! I worked around the house furiously waiting for him to wake up! I painted doors, repainted fire place, did laundry, fixed broken things, did dishes, etc. Just kept moving. Then 1:50 came! And I got to get my Gus!!! 
We went to his best friends house (they live right behind the school) and played until it was time to pick up the older kids. I wanted to go home and talk about his day but I don't trump a best friend asking him to stay and play. Once we did get home he got teary and told me about his day. It wasn't very good he decided and he hates school and never wants to go back. Broke my heart. So we had a special dinner at Chickfila and they had face painting and balloons and that really made his evening. 
So happy that the older kids had GREAT DAYS!!! They love their teachers and each have a couple friends in class. So thankful. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Last Day of Summer...

We went to the pool and Travis came!!
He hadn't been all summer so it was pretty awesome for the kids!
Went to dinner at Smash Burger then out for frozen yogurt!
Kids cashed in their summer running points and got their prizes!
And we stayed up playing games!!
It was a pretty perfect day.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Made the kids each pick a country to research then present. Kailyn picked Iceland. She presented excellently and made little sandwiches, "fish" and "skyr".

 Wyatt did Germany.
He spoke a bit and we had German Pancakes for breakfast and read the story about the Chocolate Pilot and the little girl.
 Gus did Ecuador, solely because of the Galapagos Islands which have the Galapagos tortoise.
He did great presenting! And we had Mahi Mahi (From Ecuador) rice and fruit. So proud of all of them and so happy that they were excited to do it! 
The next day Kay made a Blue Velvet Cake for everyone...By herself...with homemade frosting!
She's going to be quite the mom when she grows up!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


 We were over at a friends who have all girls.
And taught my boys about selfies....

 And then he came home and picked up where he left off.... oh goody.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Exploring Houston

 Sealing our floors was toxic to inhale so we had a sleep over at Grandpas house! 
Thanks Grandpa!
 Visited Travis in his newish office!
 Took the kids downtown to the JP Morgan Chase Tower! Highest Tower in Houston. They have an observation floor....60 floors up! (It goes up to 75). Your ears pop on the way up! Kids thought it was awesome!

 Then we went in the underground tunnels and got some cupcakes!

Quick little trip but they had a blast!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Concrete floors.

 Cleared out the toy room.
 The house before we ripped it all up.
 Ripped up. Kids had fun roller blading in the house.

We've since sealed the floor, painted all the walls and trim and put the house back together. But still waiting for our new couch to be delivered. So hopefully new before and after pictures to come.